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How do you write a press release? What is important in a good text? What should you bear in mind when sending out a press release? You can find answers to these and other questions about press relations in our blog posts. 

Writing a press release: Things to look out for

14. March 2023
To inform, to attract attention, to be noticed – these are the primary goals companies want to achieve with the aid of press releases. Those who send them out hope for publicity. Success is possible, but not guaranteed. To help you and your compa…

Sending out a press release: Here’s what to keep in mind

13. March 2023
You wrote a press release and now you want to send it out? Sending it by mass e-mail is a quick, but not always successful way to do this. There are a few factors that need to be taken into account. But we’ll explain what you should keep in mind …

Good Texts – Dos and Don’ts

10. March 2023
Corporate managers are often not sufficiently familiar with the editorial principles that need to be observed for a good press release. Hence, with this blog post we want to provide you with some basic journalistic and technical knowledge. Pr…

Writing Good PR Texts: A How-to Guide

10. March 2023
Imagine the text as your construction site as a first step to succeed in writing good texts.   Every trade needs tools – whether it’s the electrician’s, mechanic’s, civil servant’s or the journalist’s trade. If you want to write good texts, yo…